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Statusdroid makes it easy to monitor your websites and informs you and your customers when something is not perfect.

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Get Notified

We make sure you don't miss it when it's important. We can alert you via email, SMS or phone call.

No False Alerts

We look after your website from many locations all over the world every 30 seconds.

SSL Verification

Never miss an expiring or invalid SSL certificate or leave your website unsecured.

Simple Setup

Statusdroid automatically discovers all important things about monitored domain. No more tweaking required.

Public Status Page

Share your status and let your customers know that you are working on a problem before they ask.

Maintenance Windows

Do you plan to migrate or update a website? Don't ruin your uptime and schedule a maintenance window.

Slack Integration

Notify your team via Slack integration. Replies will be shown on the statuspage. (coming soon)

Social Networks Sync

Keep your Facebook or Twitter in sync with status page. One place to rule them all. (coming soon)

Intelligent website monitoring

Uptime monitoring

Four eyes see more than two!

We have spent countless hours to provide the best monitoring network. You will not receive any false positives from our monitoring. Everything is verified from 13+ worldwide locations.

It is not only about uptime.

It does not matter if you have a website, e-shop or you’re a talented blogger. Don’t underestimate the power of slow website to lower your Google Rank. With Statusdroid your website will be able to achieve top notch availability and performance thanks to advanced error scanning and response time monitoring.

Statusdroid Uptime monitoring

Security Analysis

No more expired SSL certificates!

Dangerous viruses and malware won’t stop you anymore. Your website just needs regular appointments with Statusdroid and you will receive an alert for any suspicious activity.

We are doing hourly security checks of your website. We will uncover every symptom of outdated WordPress or aging SSL certificate.

Healthy links without error messages!

Every link on the website is checked, so that it won’t lead anybody to a dead alley. No more 404 errors seen by your customers!

Statusdroid Security monitoring

Downtime status

It’s just a matter of communication.

Your website is down! Any client can start spreading hate at the speed of light and you have to be faster. What now? Statusdroid will help.

With integrated status page and uptime monitoring you can communicate with your clients faster. In the case your website isn’t available, Statusdroid will alert you via an email or text message. The moment you reply, Statusdroid will post your response on Facebook, Twitter and your public status page.

Don’t be afraid of missing this SMS. If you don’t answer, we will notify you with a phone call too.

Statusdroid Integrated Status Page


We are free during beta!

Sign up now and get at least 3 months for free.

  • BETA

    • 30sec check interval
    • worldwide test locations
    • public status page
    • hourly security tests
    • unlimited domains
    • instant notifications
    • mobile friendly design

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